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Here, I pick at and take pride in my love for Brown Eyes (Yoon Gun, NaUl), Shinhwa, SS501, Park Si Hoo, Spica, Ruj Suparuj, Son&Vill Team, Toomtam Yuttana, Yadech, dramas, music and other things I find amusing, endearing, and worthy of mentioning. ^^
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Why do you need a ‘right’ to love?… I’m saying it’s okay.
Kim Miyoung aka Superglue aka Bond Girl aka BOSS (#운명처럼널사랑해 #FatedToLoveYou)

091314: Happy happy birthday to our sunshine Rujy!!! 🎂🎈🎉🎉 P’Ruj, I wish you more melodic years of happiness, good health, and success.. with the grace that you are. Let’s continue learning and loving together, Super Ruj!~🎶💕🌞 #RJC U.S.A ♡
Cr. Ning @ #Suparuj.com

#HappySuparujBDay #rujsuparuj #rujthestar #HBDbysongie

Our boy Toomtam paying respect to his elders and fellow mentors as he is off to monkhood (and in the shirt gifted by TTFC USA 😊). May you return a more beautiful man of greater wisdom and humility. #TTFC always by your side. 🙏🙏🙏

#toomtam #toomtamyuttana #ttyuttana #toomtammonkhood Cr. @princetamgroup, @moccana, TTFC Thai, @gmemberfans

건님.. 가을에 만나요.^^ Meet you in autumn @theyoongun. 😄🍂🍁🍃

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I may have fallen for CEO Lee Gun (Fated To Love You), but this Gun has always been my #1.

A first listen to my favorite singer-songwriter’s new song, “Meet You In Autumn”, to kick off his comeback album “Autumn Play” (the first full album in 7yrs) coming… this Autumn! 😄😄 If you listen to Yoon Gun, this song will remind you of his humble first beginnings as a soloist. 😍🍂🍁🍃

*In the video, Yoon Gun shows his recipe for Pherome, the coffee in which he freshly prepared for singles at his cafe (Marco’s Attic) to drink to keep them warm and ready for the winter. Haha, so considerate. I need this! Sentimental guy.💖

"And then I come to realize there’s a reason you are my life…"~♪

This line says it all. One of my two favorites from the OST. Warm memories of our Snail Couple’s beginning.💥💨💍🍭💑

"BeTheOne" - Jeff Bernat
(운명처럼 널 사랑해/Fated To Love You OST)

"From the day that you arrived
I had no idea you’d be my life
But when I look into your eyes
I knew someday you’d be my wife…”~🎶

Let’s go back to our fond beginning. 💥💨🍭💍💑 #운명처럼널사랑해 #운널사 #FatedToLoveYou #OST #JeffBernat #제프버넷 #BeTheOne #장혁 #장나라 #janghyuk #jangnara #JJangTeam #달팽이 #달팽이커플 #snailcouple #songiefavorite 🐌💘

Ouch, it’s so good, it hurts. 😢😭😭😭

Spending my Saturday night watching much-deserved fanmade MVs of our Snail Couple. ♡



Snail Couple forever!


Snail Couple forever!


very cute drama! I loved both the snail couple! jang hyuk oppa te extrañareeeeee!! TT^TT ojala verte pronto en otro nuevo drama!!